Step 1 – First contact

- Get in touch with us via one of our platforms; Gözde International Hospitals website, Facebook or Instagram

- After your inquiry, one of our medical consultants will get in touch with you and provide you with detailed information about the procedure that would suit you best

Step 2 – Consult / Video consult

- Depending on your inquiry and necessary procedure/treatment you will have a personal consult/video consult with the doctor who will treat you

- The doctor will provide you with more in-depth information about the procedure/treatment that is seen to fit you best


Step 3 – Price offer & payment

- After the medical consult, a treatment plan will be prepared and offered

- A deposit will be needed once you are satisfied with the treatment plan, after which your treatment will approved and scheduled

Step 4 – Travel arrangements

- Book your flight for the scheduled treatment/procedure dates and send us the flight confirmation

- Your accommodation and transfers will arranged by our International Patient Services

Step 5 – Airport pick up and hotel transfer

- You will be met by your personal assistant/interpreter at the airport

- A VIP transfer vehicle will bring you to your hotel for your check-in

Step 6 – Consultation and treatment

- After your hotel check-in and well-deserved rest, your personal assistant will come to take you to see and meet your doctor

- After the final consultation from your doctor, your procedure/treatment will commence


Step 7 – Check-up & fit to fly

- You will receive your final check-ups by your doctors before your departure

- You will be given a fit to fly after your doctors’ approval

Step 8 – Airport drop off

- Your personal assistant/interpreter will meet you on the day of your departure

- You will be transferred back to the airport via a VIP transfer vehicle

Step 9 – Routine follow-ups

- After you arrive home safely, our medical consultants will be in touch with you for routine follow-ups

- You will be given routine medical support and advice on the days/weeks following your procedure/treatment

Step 10 – Minor/Major Aftercare

- You will have lifelong support from our medical consultants who will be available to you for any questions you have

- Enjoy the result of your procedure

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