Sonablate, an FDA approved focal HIFU system, is successfully used in the ablation of foci at various distances thanks to the biplane HIFU probe. While each focus is ablated under real-time monitoring, the system provides 100% safe treatment by informing the user that the required energy is being received or requires more energy with the validated TCM (Tissue Change Monitoring) function.

Clinical data is available for 14 years, of more than 2000 registered cases treated with the system. The studies are followed by Mark Emberton multicenter.

The Sonablate System is a minimally invasive robotic device that delivers precise and targeted ablative energy using focused ultrasound.

The sonablate probe is positioned with respect to the patient's rectum. The attending physician maps out the customized ablation plan. HIFU is initiated by creating special lesions (in the form of rice seeds)

Advantages and features:
Minimally invasive
Real-time viewing
Sonafuse (HIFU Fusion platform)
TCM (tissue change monitoring)
Patient safety
Free from radiation


Conventional MR scanners sound in factory noise, while Quite Suite technology provides noise reduction down to speech level.
Completely silent operation mode for brain imaging
You will hear the sound from the device at the lowest level with the memory foam cushion covering the ear and soundproofing.
More comfortable
The tunnel opening where the patients lie is 70 cm and gives a feeling of open MRI. With its wider, short and comfortable tunnel opening, people with fear of closed space and overweight can easily enter the device.
The shots are taken in the comfort of the bed without feeling heavy thanks to the spiral that wraps the body in the form of a blanket In addition, for our kyphosis patients who cannot sleep comfortably on their back, maximum comfort is provided with the foldable head / neck coil.

Higher definition

Achieve detailed and highest image quality with the ability to collect up to four times more signal than standard MR scanners using a greater number of channels.
High image quality chest recording in 15 minutes with the highest number of channels in the world
Small lesions can be detected due to the high signal strength.
All types of MR exams can be performed in our system:
Spinal exams (with and without contrast cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral)
Cranial exams (with and without contrast brain, pituitary gland, orbit, temporal bone)
Cardiac exams (functional, morphological, perfusion)
Abdominal exams (diffusion, dynamic and high resolution liver, pancreas, multiparametric prostate, pelvic exams, MR cholangiography, MR urography)
Orthopedic exams (knee, wrist, hand-foot, ankle, disc, shoulder, hip joint)
Temporomandibular joint

Imaging of the chest

Angiographic exams (contrast and non-contrast cranial MR venography, arteriography, carotid vertebral arteries, pulmonary arteries and aortogram, abdominal aorta and selective evaluation of renal, celiac, mesenteric arteries of the aortic branches, peripheral arteries and brachial arteries examining)

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