Zeihm Vision RFD 3D Model C-Arm Scopy

"With the SmartDose concept we offer you the best image quality at a low dose."

Ziehm Imaging, the technology leader in intraoperative 3D imaging with its patented SmartScan technology, is a German brand that is continuously innovating in C-arm fluoroscopy.

What is Ziehm Vision RFD 3D Model C-Arm Scope?

Ziehm Vision RFD3D is a C-arm mobile fluoroscopy device that can produce intraoperative three-dimensional images with quick and easy recording procedures, as well as high-resolution 2D imaging.

Why is it important?

With the Ziehm Vision RFD3D, you can obtain high resolution 2D and 3D images that can take intraoperative images and use a much lower dose than other systems in the field.

In which departments is it used?

It is a system suitable for departments such as urology, general surgery, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, electrophysiology, brachytherapy, endoscopy, microsurgery, interventional radiology and algology. With its movable C-arm 3D imaging technology, it is ideal for high-end orthopedic, trauma and spine interventions, as well as highly specialized maxillofacial and cochlear procedures.

It is also a system suitable for a hybrid operating room layout.

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