Da Vinci Robot

Da Vinci Robot

The Da Vinci Robot is a highly successful medical technology in which robotic surgical operations are performed. In surgeries performed with the Da Vinci Robot, the procedure is completed through small incisions. It offers great success with very low side effects compared to traditional methods. The Da Vinci Robot is realized with a robot that the operator doctor manages on the console. Thanks to the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System, hand vibrations are no disadvantage and the function of the robot's wrist movements is 4-5 times human. Therefore, very effective results are obtained in small spaces. In addition, while using the Da Vinci Robot, doctors can easily operate the console even while seated, increasing concentration on the operation and reducing fatigue effects.

The da Vinci robotic surgery system offers the surgeon and patient many advantages over other surgical methods.

The Surgeon Console

The Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System Surgical Console allows the surgeon to perform the operation while sitting. In this way, the doctor does not experience fatigue problems during long-term operations. The console, which offers a three-dimensional, high resolution and 16x zoom image, allows the physician to have complete control over the area where the surgery takes place.

The Patient Console

The Da Vinci Patient Console allows the patient to recover quickly after surgery as fewer and smaller incisions are required. The greatest benefit of the Da Vinci robotic surgery system for both the patient and the physician is that it increases the success of the surgery, which, thanks to its skilled and multifunctional surgical instruments, plays an active role in the patient's treatment process.

Surgical instruments

Equipped with all the surgical tools that the surgeon needs, the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System allows you to work in very small areas with ease thanks to its multifunctional and skilled surgical tools. Due to the sensitivity of surgical instruments, many more successful operations can be performed than classical or laparoscopic methods.

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